Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Reds as The Avengers

By: Chase Fitzgerald
Staff Writer

After the Reds loss to the Padres to end the 10 game winning streak, I decided to take my mind off it and watch the newest Avengers movie. It didn’t work very well. All I could think about was the Reds, but to be fair the Avengers had a lot of similarities. To be more specific, the Reds position players. A lot of the Superheroes were almost identical to the Reds except you know for the whole super powers thing. So below is a list of which of the Reds players each super hero reminded me of. Oh, and if you haven’t seen the movie yet, this may contain spoilers. Enjoy.

The Hulk/Bruce Banner=Jay Bruce/ Drew Stubbs

The Hulk is an unbelievable thing that can pretty much destroy anything in his path. He could possibly become one of the greatest heroes but he has one problem; He needs to learn how to control it. Just like Jay Bruce and Drew Stubbs. They both have great potential and could someday turn into the some of the greatest players in the game. Jay Bruce could even become the BEST player in the game. They just need to become more consistent. Drew Stubbs last week showed everyone what he was capable of doing but hasn’t performed even close to that this season. Jay Bruce is a very streaky hitter and sometimes goes on streaks where he is the scariest hitter in baseball to face. He was even the National League Player of the Month in May. They both just need to get more consistent and learn to control their powers like the Hulk.

Nick Fury=Dusty Baker

Nick Fury is the leader of the Avengers and the one that takes all the heat for their mistakes but gets no credit for their achievements. Just like Dusty Baker. Whenever the Avengers do bad and seem to be failing, all the heat goes to Nick Fury and none on the actual Avengers. When the Reds start playing bad everyone wants Baker fired, and when the Reds start playing great - like their recent 10 game win streak - all the glory goes to the players. Dusty is the leader of this Reds team and is the mastermind behind their great year. Even though he makes a lot of questionable decisions, he still manages to keep this Reds team in first and he deserves a lot of credit for that.

Thor=Joey Votto

Thor and Votto might have the most alike out of everyone. Both of their teams can succeed without them but really need them to be put over the top. Thor is the most powerful Avenger being a God, and Joey Votto is the best Reds player and probably the best player in the world. Each of their team’s key to success depends on them. In the Avenger’s case saving the world, and in the Reds case winning the World Series. Both of their teams are good but neither can reach their ultimate goal without them. Thor needs his hammer to be at his most powerful and Votto just needs a bat. They are similar in so many ways and to at least Reds fans; they are both God-like figures.

Hawkeye=Ryan Ludwick

Hawkeye was a tricky one but I finally found one similarity with a Reds player. SPOILER ALERT: In the movie, Hawkeye goes and works for the bad guys a little because he was hypnotized by their leader but eventually helped the Avengers win in the end. In Ryan Ludwick’s case, he also went and worked with the bad guys (Cardinals) for a little but eventually started working for the good guys (Reds) again. I don’t think Ludwick was hypnotized but that can’t be ruled out. They also both are key parts of their teams and even though they aren’t as powerful as some of their other teammates, they both are consistent and come up when they are needed the most.

Iron Man/Tony Stark=Brandon Phillips/Todd Frazier

Iron Man is the personality of the Avengers and even though sometimes he can be a pain, the team couldn’t get along without them. Frazier and Phillips are also the personalities of the team and they are great for club chemistry. Iron Man doesn’t always stick with the plan, or do everything by the book but that usually works out for the best. In Brandon Phillip’s case, he doesn’t play a normal second base. He makes spectacular plays when he could simply just toss the ball to the first baseman/short stop. For instance, when he flipped the ball between his legs not once but twice and sometimes flipping the behind his back when he could easily make a routine toss. It may make some people mad but so far show-boating hasn’t back-fired on Iron Man or Phillips. Frazier on the other hand doesn’t do things by the book. Too my knowledge, he is the person in baseball history to hit a homerun by throwing the bat at the ball but it always works out for the best.

Captain America=Scott Rolen

This one was a tricky one. I originally had Votto here but changed my mind after I really thought about it. Captain America is the leader of the Avengers within. Even though Fury is technically the leader, they do what Captain America says. When he talks, they listen. Exactly like Rolen. Rolen right know is the captain of this team and the Reds would not have this record without him. Even though they sometimes both underperform, they both have a gigantic heart and try to improve at everything they do. Captain America was denied to be in the army many, many times and Rolen has faced a lot of criticism from his fans but has kept proving them wrong his entire career. Also technically they are both really old.

Let’s hope the Reds continue to model after the Avengers and defeat the bad guys and find a way to win the World Series!

Also, if this article becomes successful, you may see the pitching staff compared to the Justice League very soon.


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Love it... it's a hopeful story about heroes and baseball.

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Thank you very much. Wanted to try something different