Saturday, August 11, 2012

Video: Wind wreaks havoc during Friday's contest in Chicago

There's a reason why people refer to Chicago as "The Windy City" and that reason was never more apparent to spectators than on Friday. Strange things were happening at Wrigley Field between the Redlegs and Cubbies, and most of them had to do with the gusty wind conditions swirling around the historic stadium.

Players from both sides were forced to contend with winds upwards to 26 MPH at times during the game. Some were able to play through the weather conditions without any hiccup at all, while others weren't so lucky.

Seen in the video clip above is the wrath of mother nature making professional ball players look like little leaguers on the diamond. A full array of routine popups and flyballs that usually found leather were able to find grass instead during this wild affair. It was certainly a sight to behold -- a kind of comedic one at that. In fact, one might even be successful in using clips from this game alone to make an entire, full-length blooper reel.

Ah, even the Bad News Bears found the defense displayed by the Reds and Cubbies atrocious. If you listen real closely, you can almost hear the sound of Buttermaker cursing under his breath from the bleachers in left field. Cue the "Yakety Sax" music, please. 

Despite the poor showing of glovework, Cincinnati managed to commit no errors in the contest while Chicago was charged with five. However, as you can see in the video, the Reds could've easily been hit with their fair share of mishaps as well.

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