Thursday, August 2, 2012

Votto sits atop the first ever Reds player power rankings

The Reds just finished off the Padres and are 23 games over .500 with a 3.5 game lead in the Central heading into a major battle with the Pirates this weekend. Isn't it a great time to be a Cincinnati Reds fan? I had to say something about it.

Every major media outlet has a power ranking, in which they list the best team to the worst team in the league and they do it for every sport basically. Well, we thought it was time to rank the players so we tasked each of our writers to come up with a list for our first ever Player Power Rankings of the Cincinnati Reds. Ideally, it would have been nice to have been able to start posting this weekly before the season started, but we just thought of it so it is what is. Below is a compilation of all of our rankings so far, with a quick note for each player and the writer by whom it was provided, as well as their highest ranking and their lowest. This hopes to become a weekly thing with the proper adjustments.

I know we aren't the only Reds fans so let us know what you think about the rankings. Who should be higher and who should be lower?

1. Joey Votto
High-1 Low-3
Votto is the best player on this team. His current DL stint coupled with the many guys who have stepped up big time to help fill the void weren’t enough in our voters’ minds to knock him from the top spot in our initial rankings. -Jesse

T-2. Johnny Cueto
High-1 Low-4
The success of the pitching staff starts with Cueto. His numbers the past two years speak for themselves. -Scott

T-2. Brandon Phillips
High-1 Low-5
He is one of the best gloves in all of baseball, a fan favorite, and would be willing to hit clean up, lead-off or even pitch the 9th inning if that's what was asked of him. -Josh

4. Aroldis Chapman
High-3 Low-5
Stop for a second and think how far this team has come since Chapman took over as closer. Ranking him fourth almost feels like a crime. –Scott

T-5. Todd Frazier
High-6 Low-8
He has proven himself at several defensive positions and doesn't play like a rookie. I really hope he receives some Rookie of the Year consideration. -Sara

T-5. Ryan Ludwick
High-5 Low-8
Maybe his stock is just really hot right now. Ludwick can either be extremely hot or extremely cold, but he’s picked an excellent time to heat up. -Scott

7. Jay Bruce
High-5 Low-9
He leads the team in RBI, and should be, but with a .213/.340/.416 line, four home runs, and nine RBI, July was the worst month this year for Bruce. -Jesse

8. Homer Bailey
High-4 Low-9
He was spot on during the month of July (4-0, 2.61) outside of his July 31st start. –Matt

9. Bronson Arroyo
High-9 Low-11
Compare last year’s Arroyo to this year’s. Then compare the Reds records. Coincidence? –Scott

10. Mat Latos
High-6 Low-14
Latos is what many thought was a high price paid off. He’s had a few rough outings this year, but when he's on he's one of the best in the game. People seem to forget how young he is. He strikes out 8.3 per nine and walks only 2.8. -Josh

11. Ryan Hanigan
High-4 Low-17
You can't compliment one of the best rotations and bullpens in baseball without realizing Hanigan is a big, and overlooked reason for their success. –Josh

12. Drew Stubbs
High-10 Low-18
This one’s a two-parter. The Reds are 38-3 when he scores a run. -Scott
I don't hate him, but his recent streak hasn't convinced me that it's NOT just a streak. -Sara

13. Zack Cozart
High-9 Low-17
His star's not burning as bright as Frazier's, but be thankful for this rookie; he and BP turn some great plays. -Sara

14. Sean Marshall
High-13 Low-17
He has to keep being great because he will continue to be very important in getting the ball to Chapman. -Jesse

15. Mike Leake
High-11 Low-19 
He's the fifth starter, in my opinion. He definitely has not been a BAD fifth starter. -Matt

16. Alfredo Simon
High-10 Low-20
Not bad for a waiver wire pickup on the eve of Opening Day, eh? -Scott

17. Chris Heisey
High-12 Low-19 
His power numbers have declined from last year, but he's still hitting a more-than-respectable .274 and continues to be cluth as a pinch-hitter as well as a capable defensive replacement in center. -Jesse

18. Jose Arredondo
High-12 Low-21 
He is struggling a bit after the All-Star break, but he is still a solid reliever. -Matt

19. Scott Rolen
High-13 Low-22
Whenever Rolen is healthy enough to get the bat around on a fastball he produces at the plate and despite his age he has a glove that guys 10 years younger wish they had. -Josh

20. Devin Mesoraco
High-14 Low-22
He show good defense, but it’s an offensive struggle. -Matt

21. Logan Ondrusek
High-18 Low-21
The Reds reportedly turned down a swap of Ondrusek and Shane Victorino, which made the team's greatest strength even stronger. -Jesse

22. Sam LeCure
High-18 Low-NR
He does what he does as a long reliever and has a 1.08 ERA since the break. That's not too shabby. -Jesse

23. Wilson Valdez
High-22 Low-NR
Valdez is one of those scrappy types that every winner seems to have. -Scott

24. Xavier Paul
High-20 Low-NR
This guy did more in two games than Cairo has done all season. Could be the left-handed bat on the bench this team has been looking for? -Scott

25. Miguel Cairo
High-24 Low-NR
Dusty likes the veterans, but could this one’s time be running out? -Jesse

Also receiving votes (number of votes): J.J. Hoover (3), Jonathan Broxton (2), Willie Harris (1).

*A big thanks to Jimmi (@Redlegs_Review), Chase (@cof867), Sara (@somegoodideas), Scott (@scotte97), Josh (@joshuadbethel), and Matt (@RedlegsMatt) for helping me make this thing happen. It's been a fun post to put together.

Get at them or me (@RedlegsWriter) on Twitter or comment below to share your opinion.


Anonymous said...

A few thoughts:
- That's quite a gap of opinion on Latos. (6-14)
- Same thing for Hanigan (4-17). Who ranked him high as no. 4? Haha
- Pretty fair list overall I'd say. You could make arguments all around really.

Scott Eddy said...

I ranked Hanigan at #14 and after reading this and thinking about it a little more, I think that was a little too low. In my assessment of him I wrote, "The unsung hero of this year's squad." He really is. Here it says that he's overlooked, and I think I'm guilty of that, too. He is so important with his handling of the pitching staff, I seriously doubt the pitching numbers would be as good if you take him away from this team.

RedlegsWriter said...

I had him at 15. He's very important to the team. I wouldn't say he's been better than the other 14 though. Sure I could argue him up a few notches I'm sure. I'm thinking next time we post each writer's individual rankings to hold them accountable! Haha

Matt said...

I had Hanigan at 16 and I had Latos at 14... I meant to put Latos at 12 and Leake at 14. It was late. I was tired. hahaha.