Sunday, September 30, 2012

On this day in Reds history (Sept 30)

Both accounts are excerpts taken from Redleg Journal which is co-authored by Greg Rhodes and John Snyder.

September 30th, 1929 - Sidney Weil becomes the new President of the Reds.

The club's five prominent shareholders, including president C.J. McDiarmid, had feuded over several issues in the waning weeks of the 1929 season. Three shareholders - Walter Friedlander, James Orr and Maurice Pollak - were upset with McDiarmid and Lou Widrig over their plans to retain manager Jack Hendricks for another season. The club also reportedly lost over $100,000 in 1929 and 1929, and it had taken on new debt when it purchased Redland Field for $195,000. Weil, who had long considered owning the Reds, quietly bought out the stock of the three disgruntled shareholders at exhorbitantly inflated prices to gain control of the Reds. He bought the club for about twice what it was worth with the idea that it would be an enjoyable hobby.

Weil had inherited wealth from his father, and built on it with clever stock investments during the boom days of the 1920s. Weil couldn't have bought the Reds at a worse time. The stock market crashed on October 29, and many of Weild's buildings became worthless. Weil and the Reds steadily went bankrupt during the early days of the Great Depression, and he was forced to relinquish the club in 1933. During his four years of stewardship, the Reds posted a winning percentage of .383.

September 30th, 1973 - On the final day of the regular season, the Reds pass the two million mark in attendance for the first time in club history, but lose to the Giants, 4-3, before 50,776 fans at Riverfront. The defeat cost Jack Billingham a chance to win his 20th game of the season, and the Reds an opportunity for 100 victories.

The Reds were slated to play the Mets in the National League Championship Series. Managed by Yogi Berra, the Mets finished the season only three games above .500 with an 82-79 record and won the East with a miracle finish. New York was 12 games out of first in early July and in last place as late as August 30th.

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