Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quotes from Saturday: Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, Brandon Phillips and more

The Redlegs clinched the NL Central with their shutout victory (6-0) over the Los Angeles Dodgers on Saturday. Here's some notable quotes regarding the momentous occasion:

“He’s doing well. The report is they want to keep him just one more day, make sure everything is fine before they release him. Just another day of rest, away from you guys and this whole situation. It can be stressful, as I found out the last couple days. They’ll probably give him the OK to come home tomorrow.”
- Acting manager Chris Speier regarding the health/status of Dusty Baker

"A couple of years ago, we were a surprise. It kind of crept up on us. We didn't expect it. This year, we felt we had something to prove."
- Joey Votto on winning the division for the second time in three seasons

"It's special because we've been there and we've done that." We've also known how to get blown out in three (playoff) games. We don't feel we're going to let that happen again. I know we all feel that way. We're pretty confident. We'll see what happens."
- Club owner Bob Castellini

"I thought it was the best I've looked all year. I'm still an ugly cat, but I still thought I pitched great. I feel good and I'm excited. I'm ready for the playoffs. I came into it knowing the Cubs had the lead and I didn't even bother looking at the scoreboard from there on out. I was like, 'I know I've got a job to do. If they lose, I can do this and we can win this ballgame. That's all that really matters."
- Mat Latos after improving to 13-4 on the season

"Celebrate, get it in, enjoy it, because this is just the beginning. We're still on a mission. We've got things we've got to do and got to prove."
- Brandon Phillips

"Mat did an unbelievable job. Chapman came in and got back on the mound for the first time in a while. We took care of business -- defense, offense, pitching, this is a nutshell of what we've done all year."
- Jay Bruce

"It's a shame he's (Baker) not here. He digs this stuff. He's missed, there's no doubt about that."
- Scott Rolen

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