Saturday, September 1, 2012

Reds fall to Astros with an error in the ninth

Bailey may feel like the victim of tonight's game.

Homer Bailey pitches well in and against Houston, and tonight was no exception despite the fact that the Reds managed to lose to the worst team in baseball, 2-1. He allowed only three hits and one run through his eight inning outing.

Securing the win in the bottom of the ninth on an error, the Astros improved their record to 41-92 while the Reds' loss prevented them from securing a winning season for 2012. Let's expect that to happen tomorrow.

Here's the good, the bad, and the notables:

The Good:
-Homer Bailey was strong through eight innings. He hit one batter (fourth inning) and recorded a single walk (eighth inning).-Scott Rolen led by example on the field and at the plate, grabbing a walk and his 516th career double.
The Bad:
-Sean Marshall's pitching and and an error by Wilson Valdez gave the Astros the win in the bottom of the ninth.
-The Astros pitching, led by Lucas Harrell’s seven strong innings, were successful in cooling the Reds’ bats. The Reds' seven hits yielded only one run.-Brandon Phillips appealed a strikeout swinging call in the eighth inning and was subsequently ejected by plate umpire Andy Fletcher. Phillips, believing he did not complete his swing, pointed to the first base umpire for verification. This action seemed to be the cause for his ejection and the disagreement became quite heated.
The Notables:
-Today the Reds called up four players from Louisville, RHP Logan Ondrusek and three infielders who may soon make their MLB debut: Didi Gregorius, Denis Phipps and Henry Rodriguez.
-Joey Votto played in the Bats game in Columbus tonight, hitting a home run in the fourth inning. He is expected to take the field with the Bats again tomorrow.
-Bronson Arroyo (11-7, 3.84) will take the mound tomorrow against Bud Norris (5-11, 5.01).
-The Cardinals won against the Nationals, putting them at 8.5 games behind the Reds.

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