Friday, September 7, 2012

Video: MLB Network interviews Frazier

If the season ended today, Todd Frazier would get my vote (if only I had one) for National League Rookie of the Year. Here's how he ranks among NL rookies in the following categories:
Runs Batted In: 1st (62)
Slugging Percentage: 1st (.531)
Homers: 2nd (18)
Extra Base Hits: 2nd (47)
Isolated Power: 2nd (.243)
Triples: 2nd (6)
Secondary Average: 2nd (.332)
Total Bases: 3rd (149)
Runs Created: 3rd (64.8)
On-base Percentage: 3rd (.347)
Batting Average: 4th (.289)

Homers with one hand: 1st (1)
People saved from choking: 1st (1) (Story)

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