Sunday, September 9, 2012

When Chapman pitches the Reds win

Have you ever wondered what the Reds' record is when a particular pitcher appears in a game? If so, you're about to receive your answer. The following is a list of the team's record when a given hurler makes an appearance in the game. As you can see, the very presence of some guys usually means a Reds victory while the presence of others often spells defeat.

Pitcher                      Team Record
Jose Arredondo            30-28
Bronson Arroyo           18-10
Homer Bailey               15-13
Bill Bray                         4-10
Jonathan Broxton       12-2
Aroldis Chapman         55-8*
Johnny Cueto               19-9
J.J. Hoover                   8-13
Mat Latos                     18-10
Mike Leake                   13-13
Sam LeCure                 16-24
Sean Marshall              42-21
Logan Ondrusek          25-29
Todd Redmond             0-1
Alfredo Simon               7-24*
Pedro Villarreal            0-1

The pitcher sporting the highest team record when he pitches is Chapman at 0.873. The southpaw is hardly ever called upon unless the team either has a lead or is tied in extra innings.

The pitcher sporting the lowest team record when he pitches is Simon at 0.226 (10g min). The right-hander rarely sniffs the field unless the Reds are facing a huge deficit.

One final related note: Cincinnati starting pitchers are a combined 57-37 this season while the bullpen boasts a record of 26-19.

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