Friday, October 5, 2012

Cueto named as one of the top 10 pitchers in the playoffs

Three days is a long time to go without some Reds baseball. We haven't had to wait this long between games since way back in February. So, to help fill the void between now and Saturday at 9:37pm ET, here's what ESPN Insider Keith Law had to say about Johnny Cueto in his recent column entitled "Top 10 pitchers in the playoffs".

Law tabs Cueto as the...*cough*....ninth(?) best pitcher remaining in the playoffs.

9. Johnny Cueto, RHP, Cincinnati Reds

Cueto emerged as the Reds' ace this year, reaching career highs in starts, innings and strikeouts with largely the same repertoire he used in the previous two years. His fastball command was better, as was his overall control, and he's using his cutter slightly more often to keep hitters from sitting on the hard -- but often straight -- fastball. He can be hard for hitters to pick up and the possibility that he'll throw any of four pitches -- excluding the curveball, which he rarely uses -- in any count helps add to the value of the deception in his delivery

The right-hander finished the regular season ranked third in the National League in both ERA (2.78) and wins (19), and fifth in innings pitched (217).

No other Red made the list -- a list with which included only starting pitchers. Aroldis Chapman's name would have been on it had the rankings accounted for relievers.

You could probably make a good case for Mat Latos, but it would also be hard to argue against the 10 who actually made it.

On a side note, the San Francisco Giants landed two players in the top 10: Madison Bumgarner (10) and Matt Cain (2). The Reds will be seeing both of these guys in the upcoming NLDS.

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