Monday, November 19, 2012

An interview with Reds pitching prospect Josh Ravin


by: Chase Fitzgerald
Staff Writer

Josh Ravin is a 24-year old pitching prospect in the Cincinnati Reds system. The right-hander was drafted by the Reds in the fifth round of the 2006 MLB First-Year Player Draft out of Chatsworth High School in California. Ravin split time between Single-A Bakersfield and Double-A Pensacola this season while appearing in 23 games as a reliever. His playing time was cut short due to an oblique injury which sidelined him for nearly two and a half months.

I just want to thank him for taking the time to do this interview. Make sure to follow him on Twitter at @FreshSqueezed22.

Q: What is your best personal achievement in baseball?
A: I would have to say being drafted is my greatest achievement this far. I'm blessed to have the opportunities I've had.

Q: Walk us through the day you were drafted.
A: The day I was drafted was a surreal feeling. I knew tt was going to happen it was just a matter of what team and round.

Q: Why did you go to the majors instead of college?
A: I chose to sign right away because I knew this is what I wanted and I was confident in my ability to make it to the Big Leagues one day.

Q: How has the conversion from a starter to a reliever been?
A: This year was my first time being a reliever so it was a little different but I feel like I’m quickly adapting. I started in AA but tore my oblique after spring missing 10 weeks. It was unfortunate with this being my free agency year. It was an honor and pleasure being invited to the AFL. The AFL allowed me to get more innings and compete against some of the best up an coming players.

Q: Who was your biggest role model as a kid?
A: My role model growing up was Jean Claude Van Dam. He was the man! Bloodsport is in my Top 3 favorite movies all time!

Q: What player in the big leagues today would you compare yourself to?
A: I don’t know who I can compare myself too. I've heard too many people tell me I throw like this guy or I’m a lot like that guy. The truth is I take pride in being myself as much as possible. I don't like following crowds or trends. That’s just not me.

Q: What's the highest your fastball has ever touched?
A: I believe I hit 101 mph this fall but don't quote me haha.

Q: Are you friends with anyone on the big league club?
A: I'm friends with a couple of our guys on the Reds but I have a few closer friends in the Big Leagues on other teams.

Q: How do you deal with being heckled by fans?
A: I would say I deal with hecklers and haters pretty well. It's pure fuel for me. Tell me I can't and I’ll show you I can.

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