Friday, November 30, 2012

Woman involved in Aroldis Chapman robbery pleads guilty to disorderly conduct

Hey, do you remember that bizarre story about Aroldis Chapman getting robbed in Pittsburgh back in May? Well, the fallout of it has finally come. Chapman's, uh, hotel guest has been hit with a $164 fine after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct after fabricating a wild lie to the police.

From the Associated Press:

A Maryland woman has been fined $164 for falsely reporting a robbery of a Pittsburgh hotel room belonging to a Cincinnati Reds player.

After learning 27-year-old Claudia Manrique of Silver Spring, Md., completed 50 hours of community service, a judge reduced her misdemeanor false report charge Thursday to summary disorderly conduct, and she pleaded guilty.

Police say Manrique was in town with Reds reliever Aroldis Chapman when she claimed a man posing as a maintenance worker robbed the player's room at the Omni William Penn Hotel on May 29. Chapman was playing against the
Pittsburgh Pirates at the time.

Police say she falsely claimed the man demanded a bag containing $200,000 worth of Chapman's jewelry. Police say he did take $6,000 worth of other items belonging to Chapman and Manrique.

Manrique's story quickly unraveled after failing a polygraph test and changing her story several times during the course of a 12-hour interview. And as if the situation wasn't already weird enough, it was later reported that Manrique was married and had been meeting up with Chapman in various cities where the Reds played since April.

What a catch, eh?

This incident came just two weeks after Chapman was booked for speeding and driving with a suspended license.

What could wrong with a combination of fast cars, beautiful women, and lots of money? Apparently, a lot. Hopefully the left-hander's trouble with the law are behind him now.

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