Tuesday, December 25, 2012

5 bold predictions for 2013 season

By: Chase Fitzgerald
Staff Writer

Every year all fans read all of these predictions about their team. Usually about 90% are completely wrong, but that’s what makes predictions so fun. That’s why I decided to make five bold predictions that probably won’t come true but hey, they’re all in good fun.

1. Homer Bailey will have a better season than Johnny Cueto, Aroldis Chapman, and Mat Latos

This one I actually think has a pretty good chance to come true. This isn’t based off of Cueto, Chapman, and Latos having bad years, but more of Homer Bailey having a great one. I believe Homer has turned the corner and I have developed a small man-crush on him. After that no-hitter, he has just seemed like a completely different pitcher. I know some may reference his ERA of over 5 at Great American Ball Park last season but, I can tell you he had no problem there while allowing one hit over 7 innings in the playoffs against the soon to be World champs. I believe he will contend for a Cy Young Award this season while having an ERA of under 2.70 and over 200 strikeouts. Go bold or go home.

2. Ryan Ludwick doesn’t build off of 2012 success

I never said this list was going to be all positive. I usually try to stay optimistic and “expect good news” but, I have a funny feeling about this. I don’t think Ludwick will be able to get even close to the numbers he put up last season. He’s definitely the best option we have for left field, but don’t expect him to go out there and have an all-star type season. I think Bruce replaces him in the clean up role before June begins and Ludwick moves to the 5 spot.
3. Devin Mesoraco takes over the starting job

Mesoraco had an awful 2012, but he still has so much potential and we shouldn’t judge him based on one season. Every time he comes up to the plate I feel like he’s going to hit a homerun. He has an absolute cannon that may be right up there with Ryan Hanigan’s and I think his bat will eventually get going. He probably won’t hit 30 homers or bat .300, but I could see him hitting around 20 with a .270 average. I remain really high on Mesoraco as a prospect and think he will turn into a fine young player.

4. Bruce finishes in top five of MVP voting

Jay Bruce had a very good 2012 power-wise and really stepped it up when Joey Votto went down. This season I have a feeling one of his hot streaks last a little longer than usual. As he gets older, he has started becoming a more complete hitter. I think he avoids the droughts and hits around .280 with at least 40 homeruns and 100 RBIs. I also predict he’ll win the Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger. The only reason I don’t think he wins the MVP is I’m pretty sure some guy named Joey Votto has this one covered.

5. Reds win the World Series

This one, thankfully, has the best chance to come true. Nothing matters if you don’t win. Yes gold gloves and silver sluggers are nice but when it’s all said and done, World Series rings are what matter. This team really doesn’t have any holes and they definitely have what it takes to win a championship. They’ve been to the playoffs before and have had two heartbreaking exits. This year goes a little different. Votto will lead this Reds team to a championship as Choo fills the leadoff role, Homer has a coming out party, and Bruce finally realizes the player he is.


Anonymous said...

Reds finish second in the central to St. Louis

Anonymous said...

The Reds won't win anything as long as Dusty is their manager