Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A call to action for Reds fans everywhere

by: Jimmi Adair

Thanks to the support of our many readers, followers, and staff, the blog has grown into one of the top sites to visit for Reds-related information on the web. It has garnered nearly 400,000 pageviews since the beginning of 2011, including a monthly high of 59,774 set during July 2012. The blog's Twitter handle currently boasts 1,308 followers while the Facebook fan page has earned 164 likes. As an affiliate of FOX Sports and the Yardbarker Network, Redlegs Review enjoys ample exposure among the competitive sports blogging landscape. 

The mission statement for Redlegs Review is as follows: "To be a place where Reds fans can gather, interact and be educated about the latest happenings of the team by providing daily content which is perceived as informative, relevant and most importantly, entertaining. Our vision is to someday become the most visited and most popular Reds fansite on the web".

As the creator of the blog, I am extremely happy with the results and direction that it is going. It is truly awesome to see how a simple idea has turned into something much greater. However, in order to live up to our mission of becoming the most visited and most popular Reds fansite on the web, we need the help of Reds Country.

With that being in mind, Redlegs Review is looking to add more writers to join the team! All you need is a passion for the Reds, the ability to express your views through the art of blogging, and possess a fastball equivalent to that of Aroldis Chapman's (okay, I'm just kidding about that last one). But seriously, it's an opportunity to express your unique thoughts and opinions on the Reds in addition to adding another notch to your stellar resume.

There is no limit to the number of potential contributors that we are willing to bring on board. We simply wish to add folks who are as knowledgeable and passionate about Reds baseball as we are. The more writers that we can get the better. This way we can more thoroughly cover baseball's oldest professional franchise. Our current crew consists of seven writers, including myself. I would love to see our staff double or even triple in size. By doing so, I hope to effectively transition the blog from being a third-party source to that of the fans'. This blog wouldn't be successful without the fans who frequent it, so it is only natural that fans feel a sense of pride and ownership in it.

As editor, I allow our writers the freedom to write as little or as often as they wish. Blogging about the Redlegs should be fun and enjoyable, and that is exactly the kind of culture I wish to maintain at Redlegs Review.

If interested, please direct your responses to the following questions to redlegsreview@yahoo.com. If you have any additional questions about the blog or writing for us in general, feel free to include those in your email as well. All inquires will be read and are very much appreciated.

1) Why are you interested in writing for Redlegs Review?

2) Do you have any area that you're most interested in writing about the Reds? (i.e.-game recaps, game previews, minor leagues, prospects, player profiles, interviews, opinion-based, awards, etc.)

3) Do you have any relevant writing experience(s)?

4) How often do you think you would be willing to contribute on average? (i.e.-daily, bi-daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, never)

5) Who's your favorite Red of all-time? Why? Who's your least favorite Red of all-time? Why?

6) Write a short article (250-300 words) about any topic related to the Reds. It can even be a summary/recap of the team's most recent game. This is mostly just for me to get a feel for your writing style. If you've written any sports related articles in the past you can include those here too.

Thank you for your interest! All submissions will receive a response within 48 hours. Again, thanks for reading and GO REDS!


Scott Shrewsberry said...

Congratulations on all of your success.

Go Redlegs!!!

Jimmi Adair said...

Thanks, Scott! I owe a great deal of appreciation to everyone who reads and contributes.

I see you've continued your beer review blog. That's great! Has any company offered you a job to be an official taste tester yet? :)

Scott Shrewsberry said...

Ha!!! Not yet. Still waiting on that one. ;-)