Sunday, December 9, 2012

Report: Jack Hannahan and Reds close to deal

by: Parker Perry @ParkerPerry_
Staff Writer 

With news (I believe it was CBS Sports who reported first) that Ryan Ludwick has been signed to a two year deal, the Reds now turn to other needs.

With Scott Rolen's future in doubt, and Miguel Cairo and Wilson Valdez unlikely to return, the Reds need to find a good utility infielder who can back up Todd Frazier at third base.

According to Darran Wolfson of 5 Eyewitness News, Cue Jack Hannahan. He is previously from the Cleveland Indians.

Hannahan's numbers are not stellar. But he is an upgrade over the backup players mentioned above. Hannahan finished the 2012 season with a .244 batting average, which was 38 points better than Valdez and 57 points better than Cairo,

Living in Akron, Ohio, I keep a distant watch on the Indians. I am far from a fan, and I do not have a second favorite team (or an AL team or any alternative fandom. I have one team, and that team is the Cincinnati Reds).

From what I can gather from various Indian fans and writers,  Jack Hannahan is a very good locker room guy. He was a fan favorite because of the mentality he brought to the game. He would fit well in the Reds locker room because of it.

On the field, Hannahan has some pop but was never known for his bat. Hannahan leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to consistency at the plate. However, he is a very good glove and can be a defensive replacement late in ball games.

I would be very behind this move. The Reds will likely have to give him a two year deal because of the large interest in him. I think it would be wroth the shot. The Reds should give him a multi-year deal.

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