Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reds Leadoff Man Search Continues; What Would You Do?

by: Parker Perry @ParkerPerry_
Staff Writer
With Jonathan Broxton re-signed, Ryan Ludwick extended and Jack Hannahan on radar, the Cincinnati Reds appear to be having a solid off season.

However, there is one glaring piece that needs to be addressed--albeit a vast amount a time to do so. 

Cincinnati needs a leadoff hitter. And unlike finding a bat that can play left field or a closer, they will be forced to look for outside help. 

There are different avenues the front office can take to fill the hole. There are still free agents like Michael Bourn who are demanding top dollar for his services. There are players like Justin Upton and Dexter Folwer  who are demanding top trade value for theirs. 

The Reds are attempting to make a move that will blossom  their franchise into legitimate World Series contenders without giving up its future. A predicament that many small market teams must face to compete. 

As far as I can tell there are several routs the Reds can take to land a center fielder and lead off hitter. 

  • Dexter Fowler- Will demand mostly top prospects
  • Justin Upton- Will demand mostly top prospects. 
  • Michael Bourn- Will demand top dollar and likely will cost too much
  • Jacoby Ellsbury- Only one year on contract, must trade for him
  • Coco Crisp- Only one year on contract, must trade for him
  • Drew Stubbs- Free, but had major struggles last year and not a true clean up hitter (unbelievably)
  • Other- perhaps I am missing one or two (or ten?). 
I have my own opinions, and I will write on them in the near future. But for now I want to hear yours. Who do you think the Reds should obtain. Why do you feel this way? 

Go ahead and write in the comment section what your 'wish' is, and then put down what option you think the Reds will actually take. 

This should be fun. 


Jimmi Adair said...

I like the idea of Fowler. I believe he would fit in well with the current roster makeup and be a spark at the top that the Reds so desparately need. I don't see Ellsbury or Bourn being viable options because of the money they are going to demand. I think they either pull the trigger on trade for Fowler, or go into the season with Stubbs again, and pray like crazy that Billy Hamilton emerges as the man for the job by the middle of the season.

Patrick McClellan said...

Just keep rolling with Stubbs and platoon him with Heisey. Don't give in while giving away top prospects. The Reds need to focus more on their future pitching rather than having a lead off hitter. They had the second best record in the national league without having g good on percentage at the lead off spot. Check on a different.t hitting coach.