Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reds talk to Bailey, Latos about long term deal


by: Parker Perry
Staff Writer 

John Fay has reported that Walt Jocketty said that the Reds are in discussions with Homer Bailey that will keep the Right-Hander a Cincinnati Red for years to come.

In the same tweet, Fay says that Jocketty plans to contact Mat Latos about signing past his original contract that the Reds inherited when he came over from San Diego.
Fay also reported that Jocketty only plans on offering Ryan Ludwick a two year contract. But does not feel that it will get in the way of making a deal. 

One of the reasons that Jocketty wants to sign Ludwick so bad is because he feels that the orgination needs "certainty with the roster".  

The signing of Bailey and Latos would provided just that. 

Aroldis Chapman (under contract through 2016)
Johnny Cueto (under contract through 2015)
Homer Bailey (under contract through 2014)
Mat Latos (under cnotract through 2015) 

Redlegs Review writer Chase Fitzgerald has already made the case for the Reds having the best rotation in baseball-- an argument that I agree with. 

Therefore, anytime the Reds are able to extend this rotation's existence is fine by me. 

Homer Bailey was a man of great contention to Reds fans three years ago. The young man was supposed to be special, but a slow Major League start had many anxious fans throwing him out the door. 

Now, though Bailey had been rumored to be apart of a trade that would swap him and another piece for Dexter Fowler this season, no one would be happy to see Bailey go.

Last season Bailey put up a 3.68 ERA. Better yet were his numbers down the stretch. In September, Bailey's ERA was 2.01. A tremendous feat that carried over to the post season. Despite eventually falling, Bailey went toe-to-toe with Giant starter Ryan Vogelsong in game three of the NLDS. 

Bailey is living up to what Reds fan dreamed of when he was drafted seventh overall in 2004. 

And if the front office is able to lock him down for an additional three, four or five years they would be silly not to. Bailey's price will likely sky rocket after he has a dominating year next season. 

As for Mat Latos, one of the things that everyone pointed to when he was traded to the Reds was that he was a cheap option that was locked in for many years to come. 

The Reds may have overpaid at the time, but Latos was going to be the gift that keeps on giving. 

He too was terrific for the Reds last season. He finished with a better ERA than Bailey, as he came in at 3.48. A stat that was skewed by an awful April where he posted a 5.97 ERA! 

Though he was the victim of the Buster Posey grand-slam in game five that all but ended the season for the Reds. 

Eh, forgive and forget. He was great. 

The Reds front office seem less worried about making major changes, and have instead decided to take the approach of maintaining what they already have... a really good ball team. 

The Cincinnati Reds may boast the best rotation in baseball. They may boast of the best pitching in baseball because the bullpen is so darn good as well. And heck, when/if Ludwick resigns they probably are up near the top when it comes to the lineup as well. 

They are now locking them up. Something that small market teams are supposed to have trouble doing. 

It's a strategy that many small market teams fear, but it is also a strategy that builds and maintains a winning club.  

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