Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ryan Ludwick could be the next Reds move

by: Parker Perry
Staff Writer 

After three innings of the baseball winter meetings, the Cincinnati Reds are still scoreless. 

Though it appears at the start of day two of the four day winter meeting, the Reds will start with a man in scoring position. 

It's looking more and more like Ryan Ludwick

The Cincinnati Reds seem more interested in keeping the band together than it does adding a new base guitarist--and that is not a bad thing at all. 

John Fay is reporting that the Reds have offered Ludwick a contract they feel will get the job done, and MLB.com's Mark Sheldon is also reporting that the two parties will meet Tuesday morning to hammer out details. 

Along with the Reds talking to Ludwick, Sheldon also reports that the they have not contacted teams about their lead off hitter. Or at least have not contacted the obvious choices: Dexter Fowler and Coco Crisp

Ludwick played a huge role on the 2012 Cincinnati Reds, and one would be simply be wrong if they felt that Ludwick was not a good player to sign for another go.

 Of course, money is a different issue. After the likes of Angle Pagan signed a deal with the San Francisco Giants for four years and $40 million, it is plainly seen that it is an outfielder's market for the time being.  

The signing of Ludwick does not mean that Cincinnati can not continue to look for a replacement for Drew Stubbs. Even if they did trade/sign a center fielder who is a lead off hitter, they would still have to find a player for left field. 

There were other options out there for a left fielder, but Ludwick is by far the best option in at least my mind. Especially after the performance he put on last year at Great American Ball Park as a Cincinnati Red. 

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