Friday, February 1, 2013

Random Reds, sports thoughts to wonder about

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Spring training begins in a few days and Opening Day 2013 vs. the Angels is a little over eight weeks away. I’ve pondered a lot since the Reds fell to the Giants that crisp October afternoon. On this first weekend of February, I’m just wonderin’…..

….if there’s a football game this Sunday? The media seems a little quiet about it.

… Joey Votto’s knee fully healed?

… Johnny Cueto’s back fully healed?

…..if the Reds will win the 2013 World Championship like they did in 2011. Queensland Reds, that is, of the Super Rugby League. Their season starts Feb. 15.

…..will the Cincinnati Reds stumble, like they did in 2011, 79 – 83.

…..if I had Brandon Phillips dough, I probably would have gone for the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport instead of the McLaren MP4-C. Lamborghini Aventador is sweet too.

…..speaking of cash, in 2012 fifteen Reds made over one million bucks, the number of millionaires playing in the 18 team Australian Football League for 2013 – 8. (Look it up,

…..does A-Rod stand for Anabolic Steroid?

…..will I ever see Dave Concepcion and Joe Nuxhall elected into the Hall of Fame?

…..will the Toronto Blue Jays be that good?

…..just what the heck is Gangnam Style? What’s a PSY?

…..will MLB Network show classic games WITHOUT panel discussions? Ugh!

…..why my wife would not allow me to name any of my sons after my Grandfather? I mean what is wrong with the name Hiram McClellan Howard? I would have shortened it to Clell. (That’s for the new dad; @RedlegsWriter)

…..since Billy Hamilton credit’s Mountain Dew for his blazing speed. If he’d switch to Sundrop he’d steal over 200 bases in 2013. (Real good rocket fuel! I’m using it now, can’t type fast enough! Uh, did I just admit to using performance enhancers?)

…..if a person uses Deer Antler spray, they’ll use just about anything.

…..will the Yankees ever have a losing season?

…..that Lewis Grizzard was still alive. (Google him)

…..does life really begin at 50? (I’ll find out in a few months.)

…..will Urban Meyer lose a game as Ohio State head coach? I hope not - GO BUCKS!!!

…..will the Cubbies win the World Series? …..Nah!

…..will people learn to spell instead of using abbreviations? LOL

…..will the SEC ever lose a BCS title game?

…..that ESPN should change its name to ESP-ND. Did they ever slurp the Irish.

…..about Mantei Te’o, does this mean I really don’t have millions of dollars in a Nigerian bank?

…..will the United States, where baseball was invented, ever win the World Baseball Classic?

…..will a World Series game ever be played during the daytime….on the East Coast?

…..will a World Series game end before midnight….on the West Coast?

…..come to think of it, will a Yankees/Red Sox 1pm game end before midnight?

… atheists say “Oh my God?”

…..will Aroldis Chapman win over 20 games in 2013? Save over 60 games? Or both?

…..will there ever be another .400 hitter?

…..will someone hit their 763rd career home run?

…..will someone get career hit 4257?

If you’re Just Wonderin’ about something sports related and you want to see it in a future post, send it to me on Twitter @DaHermit16. Go Reds!

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