Saturday, March 9, 2013

2013 Reds predictions: Player poised for breakout year

It's day six of our Reds predictions. Most players are going to give you what they're going to give you and you can expect it like clockwork. For example, Joey Votto is going to be Joey Votto. He's going to hit for average, get on base, and drive in runs because that's what Joey Votto's do. However, every manager hopes to hit the jackpot with one or two players for whom everything finally clicks, leading to a breakout year. It was another split decision on the part of the Redlegs Review Crew, but both players seem mightily worthy.

Our 2013 candidates for the Reds players poised for a breakout year are...

@RedlegsWriter: Is it possible to have breakout years in back-to-back seasons? Last year, Chapman was going to start, but broke out in the closer's role and was one of the most dominant closers the game has ever seen. This year that plan is once again to move Chapman to the starting rotation and barring injuries that require his move back to the bullpen, I think he will break out as a starter and prove that it was the right move. He was a starter and I think he wants to start. He's matured as a pitcher and it will allow him to make a smooth transition.

Of course, Chapman's innings will be limited, but if played correctly, he should be on track to contribute fairly regularly near the end of the season and still make about 25 starts or so while throwing some 160 innings. That's plenty of time to make a difference, especially if it's at the end of a division title race and going into the playoffs. Chapman's 2013 season will be viewed as a success and he will remain a starter, giving the Reds a scary 1-2-3 punch at the top of their rotation.

@Redlegs_Review: The Ole Miss product showed great potential in his rookie season. He played solid defense at shortstop, displayed plenty of pop (15 HR, 33 2B), and carried himself in a manner in which you would like to see young players do. Cozart's debut campaign may have been overshadowed a bit by the surprise emergence of Todd Frazier, but I for one believe Cozart is poised for a breakout year in 2013.

Cozart enters this season with a full year of big league experience under his belt. Now, one year may not sound like much, but it is definitely a big difference over none. Plus, Cozart will no longer be stuck in a position in the batting order at which he cannot succeed. Cozart spent majority of his time in the leadoff spot in 2012, which judging by his minor league numbers, may not have been the optimal spot for him. But the Reds desperately needed a leadoff man and Dusty Baker believed he was the best option. The addition of Shin-Soo Choo to insert atop the order allows Cozart to slide down to a place in the lineup he can be better served at. Look for Cozart to cash in on all the extra RBI opportunities he will have thanks to his propensity to drive the ball into the gaps and over the wall. Now, if he can just improve his K/BB ratio he will be golden.

Honorable mentions go to Devin Mesoraco, Mike Leake, Todd Frazier, and Xavier Paul.

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