Friday, March 29, 2013

Join the Redlegs Review Streak for the Ca$h group

I am addicted to Streak for the Ca$h on I'm terrible at it though. I think I had a streak of 10 or 11 wins once. I try to make a tons of picks though, which is almost certainly my downfall in a game where about 27 wins will get you a lot of money. The problem is all 27 of those wins have to be in a row, so I should probably focus more on picks in which I am supremely confident. I pride myself on total wins and being about .500 to make myself feel better. Oh well. Come join the fun in the Redlegs Review SFC group or search 'Redlegs Review' in the group search on ESPN and see if you can beat my monthly streaks (you can and will) and/or total wins, as well as those of the other members. If we get a lot of people, maybe we'll have a contest or two throughout the year.

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