Saturday, March 23, 2013

Video: Joey Votto crushes homer out of the stadium

There were some concerns entering the spring about Joey Votto's apparent lack of power at the end of last season. Votto missed nearly two months during 2012 due to a knee injury, but returned to Cincinnati's lineup in early September. After hitting 14 homers before going on the disabled list, Votto did not homer at all following his return, which included the last four weeks of the regular season and the NLDS.

But any seeds of doubt about the health of Votto's knee, and his perceived lack of pop, may have been eliminated on Saturday as he belted a towering homer off an offering from Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish, which cleared the spacious corridors of Goodyear Ballpark.

Darvish had fooled Votto on a previous pitch in the count when the former MVP swung through a slow curveball. But it's hard to trick an elite hitter twice, as the young Darvish found out the hard way.

Votto's homer gave him three total for the spring.

As for the game, the Rangers managed to come back and win, 6-2.

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