Thursday, March 28, 2013

Video: Sean Marshall gives tour of Goodyear Ballpark

Have you ever wondered what the inside of the Reds' spring training facility in Goodyear looks like?

Well, if you are anything like me, you have. And thanks to Cincinnati southpaw Sean Marshall, folks who can't make the trip to the desert can finally get a peek inside at what they been yearning to see.

Watch as Marshall gives his best tour guide impersonation by showing us around the place. I'll say this, those hot tubs look pretty welcoming. Especially if that's the place where all the good gossip is going down, according to Marshall at least.

Seriously, what kind of gossip are we talking about here? Are we talking "I saw Joey Votto pick his nose in the batting cage yesterday," or are we talking "the food at this place is atrocious?"

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