Friday, April 26, 2013

25 of the most outrageous player names in Reds history

One of the perks of having the oldest franchise in professional sports is the long list of unusual names that have played for the team. Throughout it's 143-year history, the Cincinnati Reds have accumulated a who's-who of outrageous player names.

And for your viewing and reading pleasure, I've compiled a 25-man roster full of the best I could find. Caution: If you don't find some of the following names to be amusing, I seriously question (with the utmost respect) if you have any sense of humor at all.

Cincinnati Reds All-Time, All-Name Team

C - *Bubbles Hargrave (1921-28)
1B - Snake Deal (1906)
2B - Chappy Charles (1909-10)
SS - Pee-Wee Wanninger (1927)
3B - Skeeter Barnes (1983-84, '89)
LF - Buttercup Dickerson (1978-79)
CF - Icicle Reeder (1884)
RF - Jim Greengrass (1952-55)
P - Mysterious Walker (1910)

INF - Pokey Reese (1997-2001)
INF - Cookie Rojas (1962)
C - Spud Davis (1937-38)
OF - Cuckoo Christensen (1926-27)
OF - Bug Holliday (1889-98)
OF - Peanuts Lowrey (1949-50)

Pitching staff:
P - Boom-Boom Beck (1945)
P - Three Finger Brown (1913)
P - Icebox Chamberlain (1892-94)
P - Cannonball Crane (1891)
P - Peaches Davis (1936-39)
P - Brownie Foreman (1896)
P - *Noodles Hahn (1899-05)
P - Silver King (1893)
P - Rocky Stone (1943)
P - Twink Twining (1916)

*Member of The Reds Hall of Fame & Museum

Are there any names I missed?

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Anonymous said...

I think I would've put Pokey at 2nd base. His name must me stranger than "Chappy". ...I mean, we do have a "Chappy" on the current team. But NO ONE has ever been called Pokey, as far as I know.