Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beer here!

Why can't I buy the beer of Baseball Town in Baseball Town's ballpark?

Earlier today, NPR posted this story about Yankee Stadium falsely advertising a line-up of Coors beers as craft brews. I’m not surprised the Yankees were trying to charge $12 for a Blue Moon, but let’s move past that. 

The article also highlights stadiums that actually do feature local breweries. 

Many parks such as Comerica and Petco Park are adding local favorites to their list of beverages. Petco Park is hailed as the best park for beer selection, offering several varieties from five local breweries along with many other craft beers and typical selections. 

What about Great American Ballpark?
Has anyone enjoyed a craft beer while watching the Redlegs? I can’t recall seeing anything more unique than a Stella Artois being poured, but I may be wrong.

With Cincinnati’s rich history in brewing, distributing and well, consuming beer, it would be great to see great to see some local options around GABP. I can already imagine guzzling a Hudephol Oktoberfest to warm up during a playoff game...

What do you think? Would you trade a ballpark Bud Light for a slightly more expensive but definitely tasty Christian Moerlein OTR ale? What beers should be showcased as local/regional craft brews?

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