Friday, April 5, 2013

Numbers Behind the Debate: Small Ball vs. Long Ball

It is an age-old debate, but we have an early answer.

When it comes to small ball vs. long ball, the correct thing to do is swing the bat.

Before Friday, teams that have had the biggest inning won every game, 37-0. With 46 game played so far, there have been nine games where no teams came up with a bigger inning than the other.

This is an incredible number. If a team was able to score three runs in an inning, they won the game 82% of the time---an outstanding 24-5 record! The only time a team lost after scoring three runs in an inning was after the other team did it also in the game. That means teams are 19-0 after scoring a big inning and preventing it.

Trying to string multiple scoring innings has been trouble for teams. Instead, going for the whopper has been far more effective.

If you are faced with a situation to go for it all or bunt a man over, it is a far better choice to go for the big inning.

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