Sunday, April 21, 2013

On the road with the Reds: Busch stadium

Whether you've dreamed about seeing the Reds beat the Cardinals in St. Louis firsthand or you hate the Cards so much you can't even imagine entering Busch stadium, here's the scoop on following the Reds to the Cardinals' ballpark this season. 

April 29 - May 01
August 26-28

Ticket price:
-Cheap(est) seats: $25.80
-Field level, behind the dugouts: $ 73.80-$96.80

Accommodations and transportation:
-There are many hotels to choose from within walking distance of the park; the nicer ones fill up quickly when rival teams (Reds, Cubs) are in town. Venture away from Busch and you may be able to get a decent room at a much lower rate.
-Several parking lots and garages are available around the stadium, as well as limited street parking, but driving on gameday will be a pain and cost you a fortune.
-Public transportation includes the Metro’s train, bus and park and ride services. You can actually pre order your fare online, for those of you who run an organized itinerary.

Must see/do:

Honestly, for a team with eleven World Series trophies stashed away, you’d expect more history and fanfare. Other than the small statues outside, here’s what to look for:
-Who builds a stadium within feet of a busy interstate? St. Louis does. It’ll be easy to spot, for sure. 
-On the sidewalk outside, you’ll find markers showing the outfield wall’s location in the previous Busch Stadium.
-The Gateway Arch and Millenium Hotel are easy to spot when looking out towards the outfield.

-If you’re celebrating a special event or want to surprise someone, consider in-seat cupcake delivery; for $25.00 you can have four cupcakes delivered to you at your seat at the time of your choice. You must sign up at least 24 hours in advance for this treat.
-I read somewhere that Busch stadium sells more nachos than any other park and based on the number of stands that serve them, I believe it! Cards fans seem to love nachos and hot dogs. Several stands offer gourmet and/or “build your own” hot dogs.
-Sign up at guest relations to be a designated driver and receive a free soda or O’Douls (yeah, they have to give that stuff away), keychain and be entered into daily prize drawings.

Outside food/drinks:
-Similar to GABP’s policy, food and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted. Their policy is a bit confusing as it prohibits “ bottles, cans, thermoses.. hard plastic cups/mugs” so I’m not really sure what you beverage containers are allowed. Juice boxes? Plastic bags? I kid, I kid. Good rule of thumb: don’t take anything you’re not willing to give up at the gate if necessary.

-May 01: Great Clips charity haircuts - Similar to the events held at GABP, make a donation and score  a cheap haircut.

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