Saturday, April 13, 2013

On the road with the Reds: Nationals Park

Pack your bags and hit the road for an away game this season!

The 2013 season will be different and at times, difficult, for me as I am now officially out of Reds country. This is the first year in nearly a decade in which I am not at the ballpark every homestand, either hawking beer and peanuts or slathering on sunblock and cheering from my season ticket seat from the bleachers.

Having been in New York for almost a year (yes, I held onto my season tickets through ‘12) and now packing up for a move to Philadelphia, I’m always encouraged to see Reds fans at away games, because those fans are like me, still sporting red no matter their proximity to Cincinnati. Even if you call GABP your second home, why not support our team on the road?

In the following weeks I’ll be featuring snapshots of other parks you’ll find the Reds playing in this season. Along with relevant information, I'll share memories and suggestions from us here at Redlegs Review. Feel free to add comments with your experiences at other parks.

April 25-28

From Sara: I spent my twenty-first birthday at Nationals Park. I had my first drinks as a legal adult (Bud Light from vendor then a bourbon from the bar), got a wicked sunburn, and watched as Adam Dunn’s shadow shielded the same, large patch of grass from August’s sun rays all afternoon.

Ticket price: 
-Cheap(est) seats: $10
-Field level, behind the dugouts: $65-$75

Accommodations and transportation: 
-Rather than drive or fly to our nation’s capitol, why not make a real trip of it and take the train from Union Terminal? It may not be the quickest or most convenient way to get there, but you’ll have an added experience! 
-Don’t limit yourself to staying in D.C. Think about staying in Virginia or Maryland and taking the train to the park; the orange/blue line will take you right there! 
-You can also sign up for ride sharing through several sites (look under “Share a Ride” on the Nationals Park A-Z Guide).

Must see/do: 
-This is William Howard Taft’s first season as an official Nats President. Be sure to catch him in the always hilarious mascot race. 
-See what national landmarks you can spot (capitol, Washington monument, and National Cathedral, and more depending on your seat).

-If you love the Kroger Meal Deal, try the Nats Value Pack, it’s the same thing. 
-If you're like me, you'll be a sucker for their signature W pretzel. 
-You’ll find many themed stands offering 50s diner grub, island fare and Mexican food, along with booths that boast favorites from other parks. No word on if you’ll find a cheese coney to crush, ala Sean Casey. 
-There are also stands specifically for kosher and “healthier fare."

Outside food/drinks: 
-Similar to GABP’s policy, food and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted. Check out the park’s specific rules on size and number of drinks before you pack a huge cooler, though.

-You won’t pick up anything at the gate, but check the website for promotional ticket prices and details on common offerings such as obtaining players’ signatures and running the bases after Sunday’s game.

For ticket comparison, note the current, regular game, no promotion prices for GABP:
-Cheap(est) seats: $5
-Field level, behind the dugouts: $50-$69.50


Maria said...

Just wanted to offer up a quick correction - the ballpark is on the green line, not the orange/blue. You'll want to take the Green line to the Navy Yard/Ballpark metro station. It gets packed right after the game. Wait out the crowds at the Southwest Waterfront (you could also get on the metro at Waterfront, still green line), or at the new-ish outdoor bar The Bull Pen outside Nats Park. Depending on where you're coming from/going to, you could skip the metro and take a water taxi to Georgetown or Alexandria.

We'll be at 3 of the games for this series. Have fun!

Sara said...

Thanks for sharing! I haven't been to Nats Park in a few years but am hoping to return this summer. :)