Friday, April 5, 2013

Opening series notes and such

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Before I begin, I would like to ask all of you to please pray for the family of Eugene Crum, Mingo County W.V. Sheriff who was senselessly murdered April 3, 2013. In the three months Mr. Crum was in office there were literally hundreds of drug related arrests. During the 25 years I’ve lived in Mingo County, I have never seen such efficiency from the Sheriff’s office. He truly cared about cleaning up the drug problem in this area, and lost his life during the process at the hands of a cowardly man performing a cowardly act.

- Three games do not make a season, but two straight wins against arguably the best lineup in the American League was encouraging. The Reds offense was, for lack of a better word, offensive; especially on Opening Day, but I’ll take two wins out of three any day. Reds team batting average .155.

- The pitching was brilliant. Three games, 31 innings pitched, 37 strikeouts. Reds pitching kept Josh Hamilton and Red killer Albert Pujols in the ballpark. Team ERA 2.90 enough said!

- Shin-Soo Choo was well worth giving up Drew Stubbs for. He brings stability to the leadoff spot, something that the Reds needed for several years. I think Joe Blanton would love to have that first pitch to Choo back.

- Tough loss when Ryan Ludwick went down. He rose up last season when Joey Votto was out with a knee injury, maybe Votto will rise up this season in Ludwick’s absence! Get well soon Ryan!

- Is it me or did the umpires seem to be inconsistent behind the plate, especially on Opening Day. Sure looked like J.J. Hoover got Chris Iannetta looking in the 13th, the next pitch Iannetta lined a single to left, just under Todd Frazier’s glove, scoring two.

- Admit it; y’all are secretly rooting for the 25 million dollar payroll Houston Astros to win the A.L. West. Me too!

- One sure sign the season beginning…the Chicago Cubs are in first place, tied with Cincinnati.

- I know, its way too early for key series, but the next two weekend showdowns against Babe Ruth Jr. (Bryce Harper) and the Montreal Expos, uh, Washington Nationals will be huge. Last season the Reds won just two games against Washington, ironically in both Reds wins a Red player hit a grand slam, Ryan Ludwick and Joey Votto. This could definitely be a preview of the N.L.C.S.

- Did you know that current Nationals manager Davey Johnson made the final out in the 1969 World Series? Johnson won two World Series as a player with the Baltimore Orioles, in 1966 & 1970, and once as the New York Mets manager in 1986. Johnson managed Cincinnati from 1993 to 1995.

- Thursday’s Reds/Angels game marked the 20,000th game in Reds history, dating to 1882. Overall record, 10,093 wins, 9768 losses, 139 ties.

- I don’t know about you, but I love Brandon Phillips “Got Swag” tee shirt. Yeah, I think this Reds team got a lot of “swag”. Hopefully we’ll “swag” into three straight wins versus Washington.

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