Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reds pitchers have cost Cincinnati restaurant over $100,000 in free pizza

Free pizza has quickly become an expectation for Reds fans.

Cincinnati has only played 15 home games this season, but seven of them have resulted in Reds pitchers striking out at least 11 hitters. What happens when Reds pitchers fan 11 hitters or more in a home game? Well, LaRosa's Pizzeria gives away free pizza to anyone who can present a ticket stub from the game. And the local restaurant chain doesn't just hand out slices, either. No, they give fans eight-inch pizzas with any four toppings worth nearly $7.

So, how much has LaRosa's promotion cost them so far in 2013? How about more than $100,000. This is a lot of dough, folks. And this is not to mention the fact that Cincinnati's home attendance currently ranks 19th out of 30 teams (26,308). By comparison, the Los Angeles Dodgers currently lead the league in home attendance with 47,112, which would mean far more free pizza to give away on LaRosa's part if the Reds somehow managed to pack that many fans into Great American Ball Park, as well.

In case you are curious, and I know that you are, this same promotion resulted in 13 free pizza giveaways last season. Reds pitchers are on pace to shatter that figure this time around, obviously. At this current rate, LaRosa's may wind up dishing out free pizza for almost 40 home games, which would push the cost of the promotion for the company to well over $500,000 by season's end.

For the record, the Reds pitching staff currently leads all National League teams in strike outs with 195. Don't be surprised if LaRosa's comes up with a different marketing promotion in 2014.


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Anonymous said...

I think LaRosa's deserves a shoutout from every Reds fan as well as the Reds organization for honoring their offer. Every Reds fan needs to patronize LaRosa's on a regular basis, not just when they offer the free pizzas. We want the Reds pitchers to keep throwing strikes as well as LaRosa's to make a profit and in business!