Saturday, April 6, 2013

Video: Reds fan catches home run ball while holding baby

The Nationals and Reds duked it out in game two of a series that may very well be a preview of the 2013 National League Championship Series.

In the top of the seventh, Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth smoked his second homer of the season by depositing the ball deep into the right field seats. His solo blast ultimately stretched Washington's lead to 5-1.

However, the real story here is the guy who managed to snag Werth's batted ball with his left hand, while holding what appears to be his baby in the other arm. That is an impressive feat to say the least.

There were some concerns around Cincinnati regarding outfield depth when Ryan Ludwick was placed on the disabled list this week. But this random fan might just be some extra insurance for the Reds in case they need another outfielder. Hey, he doesn't even require a glove!

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