Thursday, May 2, 2013

Company selling caskets with MLB team logos online

This may give new meaning to being a die-hard fan.

Feast your eyes on one of the casket designs by a company called Brand Memorials. The company apparently specializes in a plethora of custom-designed pieces for the dead including caskets featuring the logo of any Major League Baseball team your heart desires.

Here is a description for the company's Facebook page:
The official Major League Baseball™ burial caskets. All teams available. Burial caskets fitting for the lifelong baseball fan. They are 18-gauge steel with a jet black exterior adorned with wood veneer, team emblems and the world-famous MLB™ Batter emblem. The velvet interior is trimmed with an additional team emblem and MLB™ Batter emblem, with a large team emblem on the interior head panel. Official MLB™ Hologram sticker affixed to left, bottom corner of casket.
Now, this is what you call resting in peace.

Via Eye on Baseball 

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