Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Injuries costing Reds, other MLB teams dearly this season

The injury bug has certainly bitten the Reds in 2013.

Cincinnati currently has five major league players on its disabled list in the likes of Ryan Ludwick, Johnny Cueto, Manny Parra, Chris Heisey, and Nick Masset. The loss of Ludwick was a particularly untimely one as his crippling injury came in the very first game of the season.

However, the Reds have marched on without the services of their wounded anyway. And they are definitely not alone. Every other team in the league has been forced to deal with injuries to key players, too.

This got the folks at the New York Times wondering, how much does it cost teams to pay their injured players? For the Reds, that figure stands to be about $3,394 per hour, which equates to $81,456 per day, and approximately 13.5% of the team's total payroll.


As bad as that may seem, it pales in comparison to some other clubs around baseball. For example, the New York Yankees have 11 players on the disabled list, which comprises 44.1% of their massive payroll. A quick calculation reveals that they are spending $23,041 per hour on players unable to compete.

On the contrary, the San Francisco Giants, the reigning World Series champs, are spending just $226 per hour on their two injured players.

You can see the whole list here.

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