Tuesday, June 18, 2013

America has no faith in Mat Latos tonight

There is a poll question being posed to readers over on ESPN.com that essentially asks which pitcher they believe is more likely to suffer their first loss of the season.

Respondents have the choice to choose between Boston's Clay Bucholz, Arizona's Patrick Corbin, Detroit's Max Scherzer, and Cincinnati's Mat Latos. Surprisingly, nearly half the country expects Latos to see his unblemished record come to an end first.

It should be noted that Latos is the only one from that group pitching Tuesday night.

Bucholz, Corbin, and Scherzer aren't scheduled to pitch again until Saturday. So, maybe the folks are just playing the odds here.

If Latos can sneak past the Pirates with either a win or a no-decision Tuesday, than you have got to love his chances of proving the country wrong.

Update - Well, apparently American baseball fans aren't so delusional after all. Latos was handed his first loss of 2013 in Cincinnati's 4-0 defeat at the hands of Pittsburgh.

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