Friday, June 28, 2013

Photo: Strengths and weaknesses of the Reds

So, the Major League Baseball trade deadline is getting closer, which means teams are having to look in the proverbial mirror and identify areas of need.

Thankfully, the folks at ESPN have come up with an interactive way for fans to look at their team's strengths and weaknesses without doing any work at all!

The image you see above is a screenshot taken of Cincinnati's situation. For those who many not be able to decipher it, the Reds are apparently weak at the positions of catcher, shortstop, and left field.

Will the Reds front office try and add another piece to address the issues? Or will they stand pat with what they got?

Personally, I don't think anything happens in regards to shortstop and catcher. The clubs appears to be content with the combination of Zack Cozart, Ryan Hanigan, and Devin Mesoraco despite this graphic.

The only area I could see the Reds seriously addressing is left field. However, even that is a low possibility, given the number of options they currently have (Derrick Robinson, Chris Heisey, Xavier Paul), and the return of Ryan Ludwick at some point down the road.

What do you think? Do the Reds need to make a deal? If so, which player or players do you think they should go after, and who should they offer in return?


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