Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Reds lead the way with seven players in top 10 division rankings

Who doesn't like a good top 10 list? Answer: Nobody.

Society is fascinated by them. The folks over at cbssports.com are well aware of this and that is precisely why they took the time to create a list for both the "top 10 hitters" and the "top 10 pitchers" in the National League Central Division.

Here is the criteria for the rankings:

"As for deciding who merits inclusion, we're focusing on players performing at least solidly in 2013 and have the track record and/or pedigree to suggest their 2013 numbers are sustainable or even headed upward. That is, these are good players playing well or soon to play well. What's unfolded in 2013 matters, but so does body of work and established expectations. If a player isn't here despite strong numbers in the current season, then you should assume all-powerful I have determined his performance to be somewhat fluke-ish. It is so because I said it is so. Such are the privileges of boundless authority."

Needless to say, the Reds had plenty of representation. Here is which Reds players made the grade.

Top 10 Hitters
No. 1 - Joey Votto
No. 5 - Brandon Phillips
No. 8 - Shin-Soo Choo
No. 9 - Jay Bruce

Top 10 Batters
No. 2 - Johnny Cueto
No. 3 - Mat Latos
No. 9 - Aroldis Chapman

So, to get this straight, the Reds boasted 7 out of the 20 players on the overall top 10 lists, which accounts for approximately 35 percent of the player representation. This is pretty good considering the fact that the Reds as a team comprise only 20 percent of the entire division.

No other division club landed more of its players on the lists than the Reds did. No, not even the front-running Cardinals, who had six.

Via Matt Snyder [CBS Sports]

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