Monday, July 15, 2013

Brandon Phillips says Mike Trout is best player in baseball

A trio of Reds have made their way to New York City ahead of Major League Baseball's All-Star Game to played Tuesday night at Citi Field. One of those Reds is none other than Gold Glove second basemen Brandon Phillips.

The always outspoken and happy-go-lucky veteran had plenty to say at the National League's ASG press conference on Monday and even went as far as saying who he believed the best player in baseball was.

Some might be led to believe that Phillips would dub teammate and fellow ASG starter Joey Votto as the best of the best. After all, Phillips could do far worse than picking Votto, who continues to get on base at a blistering rate. However, Phillips opted to go with an Angel with his selection, a Los Angeles Angel to be exact: Mike Trout.

"If I had to pick one?" Phillips thought. "Mike Trout."

Phillips cited the fact that Trout is excellent at all phases of the game as justification.

"He is the best because he can do anything," Phillips said. "He can hit. He can throw. He can play defense.

"And, he has a Subway commercial."

So, there you have it. Landing a spot in a Subway commercial is what separates the great players from the rest of the pack in Phillips' eyes.

Additionally, Phillips admitted that he wasn't the most dominant player in the major leagues, but did offer this much about himself.

"I'm not going to say I'm the best," Phillips said. "I have the most swag. But I'm not the best."

I think I would agree with that. The 32-year-old definitely has a knack for flair, especially when it comes to fielding his position. And nobody flashes the leather at second base like Phillips does.


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Realtalk330 said...

I don't agree with you Brandon. I think the third baseman from the tigers M.C is the best right now. He is a Triple Crown freak.