Monday, July 1, 2013

Brandon Phillips sounds off on 'bandwagon fans'

It's no secret that the Reds aren't playing so great lately. Entering Monday, Cincinnati had lost seven of its last nine games, and had won only two times in the past 11 days.

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Pirates have been ripping off wins left and right, and have subsequently raced out to a cushy lead in the National League. The St. Louis Cardinals stand in between the front-running Buccos and Reds, as well. Naturally, this has some Reds fans worried, and perhaps for good reason.

But one guy who doesn't appear to be ready to push the panic button at this point is Brandon Phillips. Phillips noted the complaints he has fielded from fans via Twitter and sounds optimistic that the crew will turn things around. He even included a subtle jab at "bandwagon fans" in the process.

“It sucks that some of our fans are counting us out right now, that they’re jumping off the bandwagon,” Phillips said. “But the (bandwagon fans), they’ll come back later on. All we can do is believe in ourselves. We’ve got to get as many wins as possible. I understand how they’re feeling. Trust me, we’re not losing on purpose, we’re trying our hardest. We’re just turned down right now, but we’ll turn up soon, I promise.”

The Reds are trying to put a less-than-stellar month of June behind them and look forward to a better July. Having a healthy Phillips in the lineup will definitely be a key to making that happen. The Gold Glove second basemen has been trying to shake the lingering effects of being hit by a pitch on the left forearm on June 1. He hasn't been the same player since then, but said he feels like he's getting close to being 100 percent healthy.

“I feel a whole lot better, I’m getting closer to 100 percent...The bat doesn’t feel heavy in my hand. I’m not the type of person to make excuses, but I was really hurting. I think the Pirates did a good job by taking me out and they’ve been balling ever since that and I haven’t been doing nothing. Hopefully I can get back to being the same person I was before. I’m starting to feel better. It feels good.”

Phillips and the Reds took a step in the right direction Monday night with their rain-shortened victory over the San Francisco Giants. Phillips recorded two hits and scored two runs in the 8-1 route as Bronson Arroyo was credited with a complete game win (despite only pitching six innings).

Via Cincinnati Enquirer

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BJ Ruble said...

I am getting tired of the negativity and I'm not even a player. With the amount of injuries, to still have the 4th best record in the NL is actually quite impressive. The Pirates will swoon, the Cards will come back some but will remain solid. This team is in fine shape, and there are far too many people who sweat every single out, expect everyone to hit .500 and not give up any runs.