Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Energy drink cans among countless items Reds authenticate after Homer Bailey's no-hitter

There is certainly no shortage of items to authenticate Homer Bailey's no-hitter against the Giants Tuesday night. If you don't believe me, please read on.

After the game, the Reds immediately got to work marking mementos with small hologram sticker, and indelible ink. A Major League Baseball authenticator was on hand to make sure the process went smoothly, as well.

Here the incredibly long list of things authenticated:

Bailey’s jersey
Bailey’s pants
Two pair of Bailey’s socks
Bailey’s shorts, worn under the uniform
Bailey’s undershirt
Bailey’s belt
Bailey’s glove
Bailey’s hat
Bailey’s cleats
16 baseballs
three sets of bases
home plate
pitching rubber
every game-prepared ball
bucket of dirt from the mound
Ryan Hanigan’s helmet
Hanigan’s chest protector
Hanigan’s knee pads
Hangian’s leg guards
Hanigan’s glove
Hangian’s leggings
Hanigan’s batting glove
Hanigan’s thumb protector
Lineup card
Duplicate lineup card
Dusty Baker’s lineup card
Giants dugout lineup card
Any game-used bat broken during the game
Bailey’s sweat towel
Two empty Red Bull cans Bailey drank from during the game
20-plus ticket stubs
batting helmets

So, basically everything Bailey or Hanigan touched during the game.

“We basically told Homer to take everything off,” Reds equipment manager Jon Cline said.

Just about the only items that were not authenticated included Bailey's underoos. Because that would have been just weird to ask for those, too.

What do you think is the strangest item on this list?

Via Cincinnati Enquirer

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