Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Joey Votto and Dusty Baker sound off on Ryan Braun suspension

News of Ryan Braun's suspension has sparked a lot of conversation around the league with players and coaches expressing their opinion on the matter. This includes Reds skipper Dusty Baker and former MVP Joey Votto. Both sounded off in a recent column written by John Fay.

"You hate to see it happen," Baker said. "We thought it was over the last time this investigation came up. Perhaps, this is the end of it. Perhaps, we won't see it again. It's time to move ahead

Braun was hit with a 65-game suspension for his connection with performance-enhancing drugs. This comes over a year after the outfielder adamantly denied any accusations of using PEDs.

"It's a sad situation. It's at least come to an end for Ryan," said Baker.

"I'm glad for Ryan Braun and the Brewers and Major League Baseball that this has come to a conclusion," Joey Votto said. "I imagine both sides are satisfied and unsatisfied with the conclusion. I wish Ryan Braun and the Brewers the very best going forward."

Both Baker and Votto believe suspending one of the game's biggest stars sends a strong message to other players to stay clear of using banned substances.

"I hope that this strengthens Major League Baseball's drug policies and opens all players' eyes of potential downside of using performance-enhancing drugs," Votto said.

Said Baker: "It gives an example to the kids. It's come to fruition and it's come discipline. (In the past,) some of the good ones felt they had to do the bad things in order to keep up because evidently it didn't stop. My son asked me: 'Is everybody on that?' I mentioned a few guys and then their name came up."

Reports seem to suggest that Braun won't be the first and last player implicated in the Biogenesis scandal. Yankees star Alex Rodriguez is rumored to be among the other notable players who may be receiving hefty suspensions, as well.

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