Monday, July 22, 2013

National writer rips Thom Brennaman over 'obsession' of stat

I believe it's fair to say that Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman has annoyed listeners and viewers from time to time. But one national writer was so annoyed by Brennaman during Saturday's telecast against the Pirates that he decided to write an entire piece dedicated to it.

CBS Sports writer Matt Snyder published an article on Monday which basically rips Brennaman, and anyone else, who insists on rambling about the importance of hitting with runners in scoring position with two outs. Apparently, Snyder became quite steamed when Brennaman kept stressing how poorly Joey Votto has hit this season in such situations. In fact, Snyder went as far as saying Brennaman was "obsessed" with it.

Here is a snippet from Synder's piece:

While being tortured by play-by-play announcer Thom Brennaman during Saturday afternoon's Fox game in my region -- Reds hosting Pirates -- I stumbled upon my absolute limit when it comes to one particular "stat."

I cannot possibly take one more solitary second of talk about batting average with runners in scoring position (henceforth RISP). Even worse is limiting the talk to RISP with two outs.

Brennaman couldn't help but hammer home how bad the Reds have been with RISP and two out. He absolutely couldn't help but stress how bad Joey Votto has been this season with RISP and two out. He was basically obsessed with it.

Snyder went on to defend his point by admitting that Votto has indeed not been good with RISP with two outs this season (.125). However, he shot down any insinuation made by people that Votto isn't clutch because of it, citing the fact that Votto's had only 24 at-bats in such situations this season, and is batting .289/.467/.534 with RISP and two outs in his career, which is pretty damn good no matter how you slice it up.

You may remember that Synder was also the one who recently tabbed the Reds to win the World Series. And one of the reasons he allegedly decided to do so was because he expects their overall hitting with RISP to improve.

In fact, one of the reasons I predicted the Reds to win the World Series was because they were 11 games over .500 at the All-Star break despite hitting below .200 with RISP and two out. That points to little more than bad fortune and over the course of 162 games it has a tendency to even out. We're talking about a team that ranks fourth in the NL in runs scored despite leaving so many men on base.

Snyder delivers one parting blow in the post by telling people to quit being obsessed with the particular stat and even took a good shot at the entire Brennaman family by calling them "insufferable."

Yeah, I doubt these two will be grabbing lunch anytime together soon.

Via Eye on Baseball


Anonymous said...

Who's Matt Snyder?

Jimmi Adair said...

One of the lead writers for CBS.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Matt Snyder. Thom Brennaman is one of the most annoying announcers in baseball. When the Reds are playing Cleveland or Chicago, we watch on their stations. It's refreshing to listen to announcers that actually like their teams.

Anonymous said...

Thom Brennaman is absolutely horrible! I am a Reds fan and I cannot stand him. He talks to just hear himself talk. He is constantly reciting stats and acting like he knows it all. I actually get the major league package on directv now so that I can watch the other teams and hear their announcers when they play the Reds. For the love of god Brennaman just shut up and call the game without trying to act like your smarter and more informed than everyone else. You suck and only are where your at because of your dad. By the way you don't hold a candle to your dad!

Anonymous said...

Thom,Please, for the love of God, SHUT UP!!!! Have you ever heard of dead air and let the people watch the game. YOU DON'T HAVE TO TALK THE ENTIRE TIME

Anonymous said...

I have been suffering thru Thom Brennaman broadcasts since he came to the Reds. He is absolutely horrible. He goes on for hours overemphasizing almost every word he says for some unknown reason.
His fathers Marty makes a good call, but can be equally insufferable. Marty, since he was elected to the HOF has barely been able to fit his ego in the booth.
Thank god for MLB announcers!!!