Friday, July 26, 2013

News and notes from week 17

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

(Yawn) I think I’ll ask Major League Baseball if West Coast teams could start their games at 4pm local time, that way I can get some sleep when the Reds play there. My wife says I get a little grumpy when sleep deprived.

Thank God there are no MLB teams in Hawaii or Alaska, yet.

Royal baby? BAH! I’m expecting my first grandchild in a couple of weeks, where’s the media frenzy surrounding this.

Memo to you Americans fascinated with British royalty; we declared our independence from England way back in 1776, and so in other words, it’s just another kid.

It’s worth repeating; this thumping of the Giants is nice and all that, but again WHY DIDN’T YOU DO THAT LAST OCTOBER!!!

I think my wife may be right, I guess I am a bit grumpy.

Speaking of better half; I’d like to say happy anniversary to the most beautiful, loving, patient woman on the planet, my wife Denise. We married on July 24, 1987 and, to quote John Steinbeck, my world has been spinning on greased grooves ever since.

It is a real blessing to see Mark Berry back in the third base coach’s box! Final score Mark Berry 1 Cancer 0!

Frank Caliendo is one of my favorite comedians; he tweeted after Ryan Braun’s suspension “Ryan Braun has been suspended for the season, unfortunately for Milwaukee fans, the rest of the team remains intact.” Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach, John McKay was once asked about his team’s execution. He said he favored it.

I guess when Ryan Braun went for a drug test he asked what drugs was he testing and could he bring his friend Alex Rodriguez

Speaking of Twitter, N.F.L. legend Eric Dickerson tweeted that Ryan Braun got suspended 65 games for using performance enhancing drugs, while Pete Rose got a lifetime ban for betting on his team.

The only performance enhancer I use is the soft drink Sundrop and (yawn) I could sure use one now.

A few weeks ago I mentioned Microsoft Word crashed when I typed Jeff Samardzija’s name. When I typed Atlanta Braves outfielder Joey Terdoslavich’s name, my computer caught fire.

It sure is great to hear George Grande again. For those who may not know, Grande was the first ever Sportscenter anchor when ESPN began on September 7, 1979.

Cincinnati’s offensive stats at San Francisco; 3 wins, 31 runs, 55 hits in 157 at bats, a .350 average, 14 doubles, one triple, and 6 home runs. We need the offense to keep rolling with the mega-hot Los Angeles Dodgers next.

It was good to see, in a cynical sense; the Dodgers/Toronto Blue Jays game last well into the night on Wednesday, ending around 11pm Eastern Time, meaning the Dodgers would need to fly all night back to L.A. to begin its series with our Reds on Thursday night. Maybe jet lag will cool down the Dodgers.

By the time Tony Cingrani has grandchildren, that blooper which earned his first RBI will probably evolve into a wicked line drive.

It looks like the All-Star break really helped Devin Mesoraco rest his ailing back.

Speaking of insomnia, Bronson Arroyo sure lulled the Giants offense to sleep Monday night. In my opinion that was Arroyo’s best pitched game this season.

Useless Trivia; Back on April 5th the Reds pounded Washington 15 – 0, this past Monday the Reds crushed San Francisco 11 – 0. The largest shutout win in Reds history came on August 8, 1965 when the Reds defeated Los Angeles 18 – 0 at Crosley Field. The Dodgers starting pitcher was Don Drysdale, who once held the consecutive scoreless innings pitched record at 58, later broken in 1988 by another L.A. pitcher, Orel Hershiser.

The Miami Marlins were shutout for 37 consecutive innings dating from the fifth inning of the July 14th game against Washington and continued through three games getting shutout at Milwaukee. The Marlins finally broke through to score a run in the first inning of Monday’s win against Colorado.

More Useless Trivia; the Brewers pitching staff held their opponents scoreless for 36 consecutive innings was well short of the Major League record. From June 1, 1903 to June 9, 1903 the Pittsburgh Pirates pitchers combined to throw 56 consecutive shutout innings. Pittsburgh also holds the Major League record for consecutive shutouts wins, six, from June 2, 1903 to June 6, 1903. The 1974 and 1995 Baltimore Orioles holds the A.L. record for consecutive shutout wins with five. The 1974 Orioles pitching staff also holds the A.L. record for consecutive shutout innings with 54.

Did you hear that NFL players Devin Hester and Chris Johnson will be racing a cheetah to air on the National Geographic channel in November? After the cheetah eats both Hester and Johnson, the cat will win by default.

During Cincinnati’s World Championship run in 1990, the Reds along with the Cincinnati Zoo held a race between a cheetah and utility infielder Billy Bates. Bates got a head start before the cheetah was released. Bates’ hat flew off just as the cheetah started and chased the hat instead of a relieved Bates.

This past Monday night, BBC America’s Top Gear ran a series of tests with a McLaren MP4-12C, the type of automobile Brandon Phillips owns. If you missed it, don’t worry they’ll re-run it a billion times over the next few weeks.

I saw on Twitter that Cowboys Stadium is being renamed AT&T Stadium, which someone tweeted, is short for Another Throw & Turnover Stadium.

Have a blessed week; I’m going to bed now. GO REDS and G’Night!

Dan Howard

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