Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Reds get snubbed in CBS Sports' divisional All-Star team

In the spirit of the upcoming All-Star Game, the Eye on Baseball crew over at cbssports.com decided to put together a mini All-Star team for each of Major League Baseball's six divisions. On Tuesday, they turned their attention to the National League Central.

Obviously, only players who play for one of the division's five teams were eligible. So, one might be led to believe that the Reds would be represented well on the dubious roster. Well, not so much.

Surprisingly, only one Reds player made the cut, and that player was first basemen Joey Votto. Real 2013 All-Stars Aroldis Chapman and Brandon Phillips were not included. Mat Latos, Shin-Soo Choo, and Jay Bruce didn't earn a nod, either. What?

Instead, five St. Louis Cardinals and five Pittsburgh Pirates players comprised majority of the team's 13 spots. Meanwhile, even the last-place Brewers landed two players on the squad in the likes of shortstop Jean Segura and center fielder Carlos Gomez (who Reds fans know all too well after Monday night). The Chicago Cubs were obviously shut out.

Now, we all know this was done in good fun, but I have a hard time believing the Pirates and Cardinals have that many more elite players than the Reds. The post was published by senior writer Dayn Perry so please forward all grievances toward Mr. Perry on Twitter (@daynperry).

Via Eye on Baseball

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