Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Video: Brandon Phillips starts unusual double play

Brandon Phillips is known to be one of the slickest fielders in baseball. On Wednesday, he reminded us all of why this is true.

During the third inning, the three-time Gold Glove second basemen initiated one of the most unusual double plays you are likely to see this season when he let a pop-up hit by Giants hitter Hunter Pence fall to the ground.

Because of the infield fly rule, Pence was immediately called out, but that left the runner on first base, Buster Posey, hanging out to dry. Phillips threw on to shortstop Zack Cozart at second base, who waits for Posey and eventually applies the tag, completing the twin killing.

Naturally, San Francisco skipper Bruce Bochy wanted an explanation from the umpires. He got one. The sly play by Phillips was ruled a double play.

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Anonymous said...

The 'infield fly rule' is bogus and needs to be removed. WHO CARES if the defense can force a double play by intentionally allowing a fly ball to bounce, I call that good strategy!