Monday, August 5, 2013

Mike Leake on Cardinals: 'They have our number for sure'

The Reds don't play on Monday and that is probably a good thing after Sunday's monumental beatdown at the hands of the rival Cardinals.

All in all, Reds pitching allowed 19 hits and 15 runs while the offense struggled to muster any kind of serious threat (outside of a two-run homer from Zack Cozart). The loss was every bit as brutal as it sounds and it effectively sent Cincinnati to its seventh loss in the past nine games.

Afterward, a few members of the team stuck around the clubhouse to try and make sense of what has been going wrong lately, including Sunday's losing pitcher Mike Leake (10-5).

"They got our number for sure," Leake said. "They play us tough. It's on us to try to figure them out because they got us figured out for the most part. But it's our job to figure them out a little bit better."

As good as Reds starting pitchers were on the West Coast road trip, they were equally bad at home this weekend, surrendering the most runs in a three-game series (31) since August 2010.

"I don't know if it's the way they home grow their guys and how they develop them, but they're never out of it," Leake said of the Cardinals. "Even if you get two strikes, they all seem into the at-bats every time. They're not an easy out by any means."

Despite the recent woes, Baker said the team isn't giving up.

"There's a lot of people that want you to give up now," Baker said. "I don't want to give up. If you've ever been around me or know me, I don't give up. People go, 'Oh, he's just an optimist.' No, I don't give up."

Sam LeCure said he was embarrassed of the way the team performed in front of its home fans at Great American Ball Park.

"This was disheartening," said LeCure, who allowed four runs on five hits in one inning. "It just [stunk]. Losing games is one thing, but going out there and getting embarrassed in front of your fans who are showing up to support you is another, and we did just that.

"We have some things to work on," LeCure said. "We have some things we need to address, and thankfully we have a little bit of time. Like I said, we're running out of tomorrows, but we do have a little bit of time. But we do have some time to get it right, and we can make up some ground because we're capable of getting real hot."

LeCure is absolutely right. The Reds still have time, eight weeks to be exact, but a sense of urgency must kick in soon if Cincy wants to try and win its third division title in four seasons. If not, they could very well be facing a one-game playoff in St. Louis come October, and we all know how poorly they traditionally play against both the Cards and in Busch Stadium.

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Anonymous said...

LeCure sucks no matter what the situation. Worst reliever we have. Even when winning, the guy is up there struggling, even when there is no stress involved.