Thursday, August 8, 2013

News and notes from MLB week 19

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

Two off-days in one week seems like a second All -Star break. This will really help the Reds pitching staff.

A recent retiree told me that retirement is like having six Saturday’s and one Sunday each week.

Have I mentioned how much I hate losing to the St. Louis Cardinals?

Junior League update from last week; the Paintsville KY All – Star team advanced to the championship game of the Fort Wayne regionals with a thrilling 3 – 2 walk off win over Michigan. Unfortunately for the Kentucky state champs, Indiana eliminated Kentucky 6 – 3 to move on to the Junior League World Series in Taylor, Michigan. Congratulations to Ethan Osborne and his teammates for the outstanding showing in the tournament. We’re proud of you all! I must be getting old, I remember Ethan as a baby.

Overheard on the radio broadcast of the Junior League game, a man said he believes that all twelve players on the Paintsville KY All – Star team will play Division 1 baseball in a few years. That man was former San Francisco Giants shortstop Johnnie LeMaster.

The Atlanta Braves have won thirteen straight games since a Waffle House restaurant opened inside Turner Field. Although I dislike the Braves, I do love Waffle House.

Headquartered just outside the Atlanta beltway in Norcross, Waffle House is a southern institution that has been around longer than the Braves have been in Atlanta; both have a huge following, even when the Braves sucked. Please pardon my southern vernacular, but if you ain’t ate at a Waffle House, you ain’t a southerner! I recommend the ribeye steak with eggs, hash browns and grits.

Speaking of the Braves weren’t they just a little touchy about Bryce Harper going deep on them Tuesday night.

Memo to Harper; I remember a few years ago, former Reds pitcher Edinson Volquez plunked Atlanta’s Yunel Escobar. Escobar went into hysterics, pointing, swearing, and otherwise making a huge deal out of nothing. Reds broadcaster Jeff Brantley made a statement, “If you’re the hitter and you’re that upset about it (getting hit by the pitch) go get him!” Brantley added “If you’re that tough and you’re that bad, go on out there to the mound. If you’re not, then shut your mouth and go on down to first base!”

The latter part of Numbers 32:23 says, “And be sure your sin will find you out.” No matter how hard you try to deny steroid use, there is a test that will either convict you or exonerate you. To the twelve who lost their jobs due to their stupidity, enjoy your unpaid vacations from baseball.

Again, I have two words to describe steroids – Lyle Alzado, who died of brain cancer stemming from his repeated use of anabolic steroids.

Where would baseball be at today had it not been for writer Steve Wilstein who happened to notice a bottle of androstenedione in Mark McGwire’s locker?

And to think, I believed Pete Rose was too smart to bet on baseball.

Tuesday’s Sean Hannity’s radio show had former Dodger manager Tom Lasorda and Reds legend Johnny Bench as guests to talk about, what else, steroid use. Lasorda told how he worked with Alex Rodriguez when A-Rod was only 17. Bench stated that with baseball’s expulsion of the twelve players linked to Biogenesis the steroid era of baseball is finally over. We’ll see about that.

On a lighter note, Tom Lasorda said that when he was named manager of the Dodgers after Walter Alston retired, one of the first phone calls he made was to then Reds manager Sparky Anderson to say they couldn’t be friends anymore since he was now managing the Reds biggest rival. Lasorda also told his players to never wear anything red due to his “hatred” of Cincinnati.

I failed to mention last week that Los Angeles broadcasting legend Vin Scully, in his interview with George Grande, said that Cincinnati was his favorite road city.

I saw where Johnny Manziel allegedly accepted $7500 for autographing football stuff. As far as I’m concerned, if anyone wants to pay me $7500, I’ll sign anything they want.

Nice article by Wright Thompson about “Johnny Football” in this week’s ESPN the Magazine.

O.K. to all you Buckeye Haters, I’ll say it for you – OVERRATED!

I know the Buckeyes had an outstanding season last year, but preseason number two?

I really enjoyed Corky Miller’s play on Wednesday afternoon, two doubles, two RBI, and kept the Reds in the lead with a brilliant tag to end the top of the fourth.

It was great to see the Reds unofficial mascot Teddy Kremer in the dugout on Tuesday night; he is an inspiration to all of us.

Have a blessed week.

Dan Howard

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