Thursday, August 15, 2013

News and notes from MLB week 20

by: Dan Howard
Staff Writer

BREAKING NEWS…..By the time you read this, I’ll be a Grandpa!

Leading off; welcome back Ryan Ludwick, Ryan Hanigan, and Jonathan Broxton.

For a moment on Saturday night I thought I was watching a Little League regional tournament game. It was the Reds/Padres game.

Speaking of a comedy of errors; did Rajai Davis of the Toronto Blue Jays hit the first ever inside the infield home run on Wednesday night?

You know you’ve had a bad game when you have as many errors as hits.

I once heard a story that a team had committed so many errors on one play that when the ball rolled into the dugout and stopped at the feet legendary manager Casey Stengel, he picked it up, dunked it into a pail of ice water and said, “This ball is too hot!”

When Lance Berkman and Albert Pujols went to the American League, I thought the Reds killers were gone for good; here comes the Padres Will Venable.

If Ian Kennedy pitched that well for Arizona, do you think the Diamondbacks would have traded him?

It was reported that the Arlington, Texas police department is investigating a robbery which took place Monday afternoon at The Ballpark in Arlington. Yu Darvish reported that an irreplaceable gem was stolen from him. A.J. Pierzynski, one of Darvish’s co-workers tried to apprehend the thief but got ejected from the workroom instead. Video evidence shows the robber is a man named Ron Kulpa, so I guess you could say that Culprit Kulpa Denied Darvish Diamond Distinction.

I have a lawyer friend in Fort Worth, Texas who says he’d be glad to represent Yu Darvish in a lawsuit.

Coaches Challenges in baseball? Will the managers throw a red flag on the field like football?

There is no simple solution for instant replay, so the current proposal, up for approval in November, doesn’t sound too bad.

Move over Big Red Machine, you’ve got company. Tuesday’s 4 to 2 win over Matt Harvey and the New York Mets gave the Los Angeles Dodgers their 40th win in 50 games. The last National League team to accomplish that feat was the 1975 Cincinnati Reds. Media pundits beware; please don’t be an embarrassment by comparing this season’s Dodgers to the 1975 Reds!

Useless Trivia; the 1975 Reds record prior to their May 17th game at Montreal was 18 – 19. From May 17 to July 13 (the Sunday before the All-Star break) Cincinnati reeled off 43 wins in the next 53 games. The Reds were 5.5 games behind Los Angeles when the streak started, on July 13, Cincinnati was 12.5 games ahead of the Dodgers. The winning continued after the All-Star break, finishing with a club record 108 wins and a World Championship. Cincinnati finished the 1975 campaign winning 90 of their final 125 games.

It was great to see Jay Bruce hit a home run to left center on Friday night. One thing I can’t understand, when the other team puts a shift on Bruce, why do they pitch him outside? I mean, Bruce can, and has, hit to the opposite field, he’s not Adam Dunn y’know.

I really believe Adam Dunn earned the nickname Donkey for his stubbornness in trying to pull everything. My blood pressure has dropped significantly since he left Cincinnati!

Don’t misunderstand me; Dusty Baker has forgotten more about baseball than I’ll ever know, but it would be interesting to see Devin Mesoraco batting second for a couple of games. What could it hurt? It’s not like there has been a lot of productivity in the two spot this season.

The battle for the National League’s RBI title is going to be a close one with Arizona’s Paul Goldschmidt, our Brandon Phillips, St. Louis’ Allen Craig, and a newcomer in the struggle, Jay Bruce, who drove in his 80th run on Tuesday night.

Hey, to all you arrogant Cubs fans, I think Wrigley Field ought to be renamed Great American Ballpark - North! Whaddaya think of dat?

The only loss at Wrigley this season was that 14 inning marathon on June 13, a game the Reds actually led three times. Cincinnati has won 15 of 16 at Wrigley Field and has beaten Chicago in 22 of the last 26 they’ve met.

More Useless Trivia; The Reds 5 – 0 win on Wednesday afternoon vs. the Cubs was the 1100th win all-time against Chicago. Their record vs. the Cubbies is 1100 wins, 1103 losses; the Reds can even that record September 9 – 11 at Great American Ballpark.

Bronson Arroyo is 8 – 1 at Wrigley Field as a member of the Reds.

San Francisco Giants fans have a certain amount of class, until this past Sunday when a dunderhead showed up at the game.

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