Friday, September 13, 2013

Ranking the five best foods to snack on while watching a live baseball game

Baseball in and of itself is a wonderful game. The crack of a bat, the whizz of a sizzling fastball, the smack of a ball into a mitt, and the roar of a crowd are just a few of the signature sounds found at baseball venues across the country.

But experiencing America's favorite pastime in person goes well beyond sounds alone. There are also plenty of other sights, smells, and tastes to enjoy, as well. Namely, the mouth-watering aromas that hover around a ballpark and lure hungry fans to the concession stands.

The days of choosing from a basic menu of food selections has long been over. Instead, stadiums now offer treats beyond the wildest of imaginations, with the ultimate goal of boasting something for everyone, because the only thing better than watching live baseball is watching live baseball with a snack, of course.

With this in mind, I took it upon myself to rank what I believed to be the five best foods to snack on while watching a baseball game. Now, I realize the list is probably different for everyone, and each stadium likely offers different menu offerings, but I believe each selection is justified with logical reasoning.

So, without further ado, here is the top five. Enjoy.

5) Nachos

- If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck than look no further than purchasing a tray of nachos. Nachos are likely to last for an inning or two, unless you are sharing with a buddy, and they do well to fill your stomach for awhile and prevent another trip to the concession stand.

4) Ice Cream

- You really can't go wrong when eating ice cream of any kind. Sitting in a seat with the hot summer sun beaming down directly on you for three hours is no fun. So, ice cream is the perfect remedy to keep you cool and keep your taste buds happy. Just be sure to keep some napkins nearby in case of a melting issue.

3) Popcorn

- This snack isn't relegated to just movie theatres, folks. It belongs in baseball stands to the same extent as stars belong in the night sky. Popcorn is simple, shareable, long-lasting, and most importantly, good. Use extra salt and butter with caution, though.

2) Peanuts

- There are few things more rewarding and tasty in life than a freshly-cracked peanut. Choosing to go with a bag of these hard-shelled snacks is probably one of the best decisions a baseball fan could ever make. There is no need to worry about discarding your undesirables in a trash can, just throw the shells on the ground next to your feet. Plus, peanuts are a snack that will last you for several innings, and if the game goes into extra innings, that may be something you will be thankful for.

1) Hot Dog

- To dub any other food known to mankind as the official food of baseball would be blasphemy. The hot dog is king of the diamond and, in my opinion, that will never change. Whether you like your hot dog with mustard, ketchup, relish, onions, cheese, or all of the above, it's the one snack that never disappoints a true American baseball fan.

Honorable Mentions: Soft Pretzel, Cotton Candy, Cracker Jacks, French Fries, Hamburger, Corn Dog, Sunflower Seeds, Pizza, Chicken Strips

What would your top five be? Let us know in the comment section below.

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