Friday, September 13, 2013

Report: Beloved Reds bat boy Teddy Kremer to be featured in documentary

Teddy Kremer

Teddy Kremer, a 30-year-old with Down Syndrome, who has served as the honorary bat boy three times for the Reds over the past year, is about to see his popularity get even larger.

According to this report from WKNU, a documentary crew from sports media powerhouse ESPN has been following the beloved Kremer around for quite some time now, shooting footage for a featured segment that is slated to air in the fall.

Teddy has become a local celebrity among Reds fans after debuting as the team's honorary bat boy last August. He initially got the opportunity after his parents paid $300 in a benefit auction.

Teddy immediately earned fan and media attention because of his positive attitude and unbridled enthusiasm. And this season the Reds offered him a job in fan accommodations, which he happily accepted.

“Awesome, awesome I love it so much, I love it,” he said.

Teddy's story became even more widely known when he served as bat boy for a second time in April. As the story goes, Teddy told Reds third basemen Todd Frazier to hit a home run in the bottom of the sixth inning, which Frazier did, and the FOX Sports Ohio cameras caught every moment of the joyous embrace between Teddy and Frazier when the latter crossed home plate.

Now, the upbeat Teddy routinely signs autographs and takes pictures with adoring fans, partakes in guest speaking chances, all the while holding down his job with the organization. There is even a Topps baseball card with Teddy reportedly in the works.

Aside from his love of the Reds, Teddy enjoys softball, horseback riding, ballroom dancing, and swimming. He is a champion at the latter of those two activities.

One thing that can also be said about Teddy is the fact that he is loyal. During a recent chat, a man asked Teddy if he might be interested in being bat boy for a different team. Teddy gave a witty response.

“He said to me, would you be a bat boy for Milwaukee. I question please,” said Teddy.

This upcoming documentary ought to be a treat to watch.

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