Sunday, September 15, 2013

Video: Brandon Phillips tags himself out by giving defender high five

We all know Brandon Phillips is an eccentric player. But if you weren't already convinced of that, check out what he did in the first inning of Saturday's game versus the Brewers.

With Shin-Soo Choo on second base and no outs, Dusty Baker called upon Phillips to lay down a sacrifice bunt to advance the runner, which he did, in an unorthodox fashion.

Watch as Phillips lays down a satisfactory bunt near the first base line toward Brewers first basemen Yuniesky Betancourt. As Betancourt fields the ball, Phillips essentially gives himself up and starts retreating back toward the dugout, but when Betancourt fails to make a throw to first, Phillips turns around, makes his way back toward first, and gives Betancourt a high five while being tagged out.

Only Phillips could pull off such a spectacle.

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