Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Video: Ryan Ludwick calls out Reds fans for lack of intensity

The mood around the Reds clubhouse was not good following Cincinnati's 1-0 defeat to the New York Mets on Wednesday. And rightfully so.

The Reds just dropped two out of three against the Mets at home behind an offense that produced just five runs in the entire series. Wednesday's loss also mathematically eliminated the Reds from winning the division and subsequently secured their spot in next Tuesday's dreaded Wild Card game.

Naturally, the players and fans alike were frustrated. But perhaps none more than veteran outfielder Ryan Ludwick. Seen here is the 35-year-old taking part in a postgame interview and proceeding to call out fans for their lack of intensity and energy during the Mets series. Now, I know he was frustrated, and to some extent he has a point, but berating fans is never the way to go. It's a battle you simply cannot and will not win.

In the defense of fans, they really didn't have much to cheer about. And with the biggest series in Great American Ball Park history impending this weekend, coupled with the fact that all three of these games were played on a weeknight (Wednesday's during a work day), it's easy to see why fans might have been saving their trip to the stadium for the games that lie ahead.

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